July 28, 2015

River Dove Oil Spillage

Sorry to bring some bad news , there is an ongoing incident on the river dove.

The old cheese factory at hartington (a substantial place) is the source of a large amount of oil spillage.

The E.A are on the case as we speak, with Andy Heath of the passports scheme and keeper of the Famous Charles Cotten Beat working round the clock to stem the flow.

It appears that ” persons unknown “, allegedly, broke open an electrical transformer and stole the core, causing the coolant oil to escape down a ditch into the Dove in the process.

i have fished the river today , and there is oil visable on the surface. and a distintive smell.

Andrew is a first rate guy with a major set of problems at the moment.

I do not have the details but there are all sorts of complications over and above the problem itself, ownership and responsability issues , and the best way to tackle the flow may be problematic.

There is certainly a lot of activity on site , arc lights, tankers,and several of the blue container type units we see on building sites in evidence.

Sorry to be a bringer of bad news, but i thought you should be aware of this and pass it onto club secretaries etc. or maybe you already know all about it.

lets try to support where we can, and wish Andy , The E.A, and the owners
of the affected fishing the best of luck in what seems to be a messy incident in every way .

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